Week 22A Miracles, money and science

I love science. I am a very rational person. A white one, according to the excersise we all did when starting this course. So I love the scientific way to look at making money, as stated in lesson 22A.

The message is clear: it is good to earn a lot of money. There is enough for everyone. You only have to have a certain mindset. Then it is impossible not to reach your goals.

Ok, great. Think I can do that when letting disappear the old blueprint slowly. But hey, then lesson 21: the webinar about miracles. Usually, I believe everything happening in live is not ‘’meant to be’’, but is purely coincidence. And of course own effort, some luck or not, and social circumstances. I read a lot about quantum mechanics and now see there is another way to look at life. Namely; as a miracle. Well, I can believe in miracles, no problem. I just have one on my lap. Of course every baby is a miracle, but this baby really is! In hospital doctors said we should stop all the fertility treatments because I would never get pregnant anyway, medically seen. There was less than 1% chance. Well, in a lottery we would consider 1% chance a relatively big chance, so we did our last IVF session, And well, the miracle happened: our baby!




Week 22 MKMMA – Farewell to The Greatest Example, but always with us to celebrate life

Yesterday it was the funeral of my 100-year old grandmother who I told about in some blogs. It was a beautiful ceremony with a lot of positivity! In my speech I talked about some very funny situations with my grandma, very recognizable for everyone who knew her kind of humor!

My mother ended her speech in almost the same way as I did, namely the grandma was THE BEST example of how to enjoy life fully:

  • keep healthy doing a lot of exercise and have fun with sports
  • enjoy the joys of life: travelling, nice eating, drinking good wine, etc.
  • when there is a problem, do not worry about it but come in action and solve it
  • when having problems with people: talk about it with each other and then let the negativity go!

After the ceremony we did a toast on grandma, to celebrate life.

Several people told me that they sometimes, when they worry about something, think about my grandma, and how she would deal with the problem. It was really nice to hear, because even people who are not so close with her took her as an example!

Now hoping the people I love keep healthy and there is nothing in life that I can’t beat anymore!



Week 19, 20, 21 MKMMA – OMG time flies

Wow! Already 3 weeks behind with my blog! The excuse: on skiing holiday with very bad internet, than house movement preparations, than moving, in new house no internet! Of course there is my i-phone, but it is hard for me to work on it, so missing my laptop!

Really hope the internet issue is solved very soon. 1 advantage: we also do not have tv so a lot of time left!



Week 18 MKMMA – Collective consciousness and chicken or egg


Last webinar there was talked about a Collective Consciousness. A few minutes ago I received a Whatsapp message in our group called ‘’hard core’’; a group of 10 people who are friends. The case is 1 of the girls grabbed a flight to Greece to hope for a treatment for her Greek mother who is given up in The Netherlands because of – again – abdominal cancer. She asked us to do an experiment with sending positive energy. She asked all of us to use a moment tonight to send positive energy to her mother to stimulate the bowels that are severe attacked by the desease. And, to BELIEVE in it.

I decided to do a meditation to accomplish this, and send her and two other people – that I heard last week – have cancer positive vibes.

I am aware that last months there is an explosion of people who have or had cancer and died or are dying, and I wrote about in more blogs. It makes me appreciate the life and health I have. And be happy that only a few of these people who are ill are/were very close to me. The others I just know but not very well. So I do see it as a positive thing to write about in my blogs.

Anyway, I chose some nice pictures from the internet, to think about during the sending of positive vibes to Greece. I can think about experiments I read about of plants they talked to. 1 received nice words, the other plant bad words, and the one with nice words of course survived. I remembered several other experiments with similar endings. It is important because, the skeptical person I am, am not an instant believer. I am a rational person of ‘’first see, then believe’’. But I know the overwhelming evidence and strength of the opposite saying of ‘’first believe, then see’’. So I am open minded to it.

It is a bit of a ‘’chicken or egg dilemma: which one existed first’’. In The Netherlands it is a famous saying. But there also is a saying ‘’give it the benefit of the doubt’’. I decided to do that so, now I am going to do it!


Next week my blog will appear a few days later, because I am having a ski holiday with low internet possibilities.




Week 17 MKMMA – cleaning garbage


Last month I was writing about me being uncomfortable in the situation of my life because almost every important thing was uncertain, and I was forced in a waiting position.

Now some of these things start rolling and there finally is some progress!

At work: My role in an important project at work is more clear now, I really look forward to this project! The other project I am in is finally progressing quickly!

Home: another breakthrough! We are moving to a very nice apartment next month! And the new house to be bought is 99,9% clear to us!

So at work and at home there is a lot of cleaning stuff and implementing to do, which I like. It may sound silly but I really like organizing garbage in many ways. It means progress and change!


MKMMA week 16 – Focus on kindness

pink elephant

A lot shorter blog post than I normally write, but the subject is crystal clear.

This week’s assignment/ exercise is to look at ‘’kindness’’ in everyday life.

It is funny because not to look at it is difficult, just like not thinking of a pink elephant, or not seeing everywhere pregnant women when you are pregnant yourself. So for me it is very easy to spot all sorts of kindness all day long.

It is nice to read the little examples of kindness that MKMMA students post in the alliance area. Most of them are really very very little, but still very much worth in terms of bringing others happiness.

Last week I looked at ‘’Persistence’’, because that is one of my greatest challenges in some area’s of my life. It was a lot harder than spotting kindness. Maybe because people are more kind than persistent? Or is it kindness is easier for me than persistence. Well, time will give the answer because coming weeks there are other things to look for. Looking forward to that.





MKMMA week 15 – The greatest example!


Picture taken at my grandmother’s 100th birthday last September!

Most people desperately want to live, some others desperately want to die, and some people do not know they are alive.

My brother in law, with his Pancreatic cancer I talked about last week, who was persistent to master his health and cure his incurable desease, the 31th of December suddenly died of a stomach bleeding. I feel very sad for him and my steph-sister they did not get the chance to spend a few months together celebrating life. But I am glad we had a very nice Christmas with them, and they spent a few days quality time together after Christmas. This Monday is the funeral.

This is a contrast with a girlfriend of some of my friends, who I attended her funeral a year ago because she threw herself from a high building, suffering from post partum depression after giving childbirth.

So, most people desperately want to live, some others desperately want to die, and sadly enough some people do not know they are alive, like my grandmother of 100 years old. She is suffering from severe dementia and does not recognize any family anymore. Two days ago she fell and broke her hip. For people this old, the prognosis is that they do not live longer than a month after the event. The body needs that much energy to heal the broken bones, energy that is not there anymore because they already live at their reserves of energy. Most of the time they quickly die because of a lung infection or something.

But instead of being sad, I am quite happy and relieved her end is near, because it is better for her to not have to live anymore in a world that scares her. Last few years she got helpless, always screaming ‘’Help me, help me, take me with you!’’. Heartbreaking to see her living with other old dement people who cannot speak anymore, half sleeping at the dinner table with a huge bib where food is spilled over, unable to find the way to the toilet or their own bedroom…….

In my mind I said goodbye to her a few years ago, because she is just a phantom of what she used to be: a very strong, independent, warm, loving, helpful, intelligent lady, enjoying life to the max. Believe me or not, but at her 90th birthday, we gave her a new tennis racket as a present. And she still did skiing, hiking, biking, fitness and play bridge at that age! She saw the whole world travelling: 5 times a year she planned a holiday after my grandfather passed away.

During the 2nd world war she gave her Jewish girlfriend her passport, risking her own life. Also she was one of the first women working who asked for a pension and got it from the ABN AMRO Bank she worked for! And so are all Dutch women have pension rights now, equally to men! (In those times women did not have pension rights so they were dependent of their husbands).

Her greatest secret was to not grieve about the bad things in life, just go on, make the most out of it and enjoy it, BE HAPPY!. In fact, now I think about it, she really was the perfect MKMMA-personification!

Last weeks’ blog I ended with this paragraph: ‘’The only thing I ask myself: when will be the time that I will fully appreciate and enjoy the wonderful life I have, without having to become deadly ill? I know MKMMA course is the way. It only needs persistent and hard work. I am growing closer to do that!’’.

Now I know the answer for sure: now is the time! My grandmother gave me a very precious gift: the greatest example was already Always there in my life, right under my eyes!